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  1. Emmanuel Anyanwu

    This platform is loaded with security information that I see will be good for my security operations.

    I am therefore interested In getting daily or weekly security updates.


  2. Michael Ewa

    This is interesting for the Security Profession. As stakeholders our employers especially the expats require daily Security incidents updates focusing attention in Lagos for now for adversary purpose. I want to commend you for this as it worth taking a look at especially prompt incident which can be passed on as quickly as possible. I wont mind some of this updates coming in on a daily bases please.


    I hold B.Sc. in Political Science, M.Sc in Conflict Management and Peace Studies
    and now a Doctoral student in Security and Strategic Studies (in view)

  4. Nse-Abasi Ayara

    Interesting and insightful analysis. Add me to your mailing list, I’d love to receive updates daily, weekly and monthly, please.

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