We provide world class security, defense, and intelligence solutions to our clients by analyzing and understanding the threat, then helping our clients mitigate risks in their operating environment.

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Private Investigations and Background Checks are used to investigation and evaluate all types of personal or business opportunities. It spans checks and due diligence into all relevant aspects of past, present and predictable future of the business of a target company. Read more

Bulwark Intelligence provides Open Source Intelligence Analysis on current and developing security threats, capabilities, operations, trends, tactics and procedures, giving decision-makers the insight needed to counter security threats affecting their operating environment. Read more

Safety and Security is very paramount to individual existence.  Without any doubt the rise in the insecurity situation in the country has led to a more conscious security plan and approach most especially in the area of movement of people and assets. Read more

Africa and especially Nigeria is poised to be the next frontier with growing economic opportunities. But these opportunities do not erase the security threats and risks unique to the region. Read More

Cyber space vulnerability is fast becoming a major issue in Nigeria and other developing nations. We offer cyber security services which focus on the following areas as it pertains to Nigeria, West Africa and Africa such as Protection of mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT). Read more

Bulwark Intelligence brings together a unique group of U.S military veterans with technical experience, operational know-how, in various areas in the security, defense and intelligence industry. Read more

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