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Your Enterprise Security Risk Management Partner.

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We conduct comprehensive security risk assessments for facilities, critical infrastructure, personnel safety, and security operations.

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Our Open Source Intelligence Analysis app keeps you in the know about current and emerging security threats. Score daily curated security news, snappy flash alerts, and in-depth reports. From real-time interactive alerts to yearly security forecasts, we’ve got your back.

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Why Bulwark Intelligence

We are Africa's number one Security, Intelligence, Defense solutions company.

We serve a varied clientele from industries such as Defense and Security, Oil and Gas, Academia, Foreign Investors, Banking and Finance, Non-Profit Organizations, as well as Political and Global leaders.

We customize solutions to assist clients in analyzing, comprehending threats, and mitigating risks in their operational environment.

Our Information Products are meticulously curated, drawing upon a sophisticated blend of sources that include human intelligence from focal points of interest and Open Sources. Strategically stationed across pivotal Local Government Areas, regions, and routes, our expert information gathering teams ensure unparalleled and comprehensive coverage.

Our Coverage

Bulwark Intelligence spans its coverage across Sub-Saharan Africa, anchoring its West African office in Nigeria. With a commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions, our presence extends beyond borders, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support across the diverse landscapes of Africa. Partner with Bulwark for a trusted ally in navigating and securing your interests in the region.

Security Threat Advisory and Intelligence Reports

Bursting with exclusive insights, meticulous analysis, and comprehensive forecasts, our reports serve as an indispensable guide through an ever-evolving landscape. Access trends, emerging risks, and opportunities shaping the economy. From deep market assessments to predictive forecasts, our reports equip you with invaluable knowledge to stay ahead.

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