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Dear Mrs Ashiru,

Having read several articles on the Zaria killings, I cannot but single out your article titled “The Zaria attacks: Is history repeating itself?” for commendation because of its objectivity, factuality, non partisanship and fairness. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

Warm Regards.



Hello Tanwa:

It was only on Friday that I first encountered you.

I was travelling to Abuja on Aero flight.

Even as I was feeling sleepy as I had to wake at some odd hour to be able to make the first flight out of Lagos, I chose instead to read the airline’s complimentary copy of The Guardian where your piece appeared.

I enjoyed reading it and decided to keep the paper; to not only read it again but to also tweet from it. I actually wanted to start an online debate: should there be compensation or not?

On my way back to Lagos the following morning, I found people massed around the Wanted poster affixed on a wall near the entrance to the Arrival Hall at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. Then my mind flashed back to your article. I said to myself: at least people are getting engaged with the poster.

Imagine my delight when I heard in the news that alert security agents in Abuja helped to identify one of the suspects and stopped him from boarding an Aero flight. That thing is working, I said, again, to myself. But, there is still the matter of compensation, I added.

So, last night, I got in contact with a former Nigerian military top brass, emailing the link to your story to him, requesting that he ensured that it was sent to the National Security Adviser.

Well done.


T.O – The Journalism Clinic


Good afternoon Ma’m,

I’m in the Nigerian Army and I Just saw your article, a second publication obviously, on today’s Guardian newspaper and I was happy to see your email address. I will tell you that many of us, especially at the subaltern level have this silent antagonism towards “security experts” that come on the media to give their thoughts which we tend to find fault with. Your views and presentations are always spot on, I must say. Worthy of note were the tips you shared on Explosive Ordnance Disposal. I have lost two mates in IED explosions and I have a scar from 2 years ago when I was in one.

I sincerely do hope that someone that matters is following your work with the same interest with which I am and will act on it someday. Please keep up the good work and compliments of the season.



Dear Tanwa Ashiru,

Just wanted to thank you for your extremely important contributions in the Guardian Newspaper.

Best wishes,



Dear Tanwa Ashiru,

It was intriguing to have read your published article of Friday, October 16th,2015, in the Guardian with title: “Boko Haram’s attacks and the role of intelligence”. Your editorial compendium is grandly informative as would be expected given your U.S. Airforce veteran background. As a (Research) Scientist and Entrepreneur I follow a lot of military hardware design, intelligence/counter-intelligence and space technology materials and information as well as I also write on the subject matter too! Thank you and keep it up.


Dear Mrs Ashiru,

I came across your editorial in the Guardian on Saturday, the 21st of this month titled “pains and global terrorism” on page 15, and i was quite impressed.  I just hope and pray that Nigeria as a nation takes this global terror issue seriously. This ISIS TO ME IS JUST A CREATED cancerous cell that has metastasized to different parts of the globe outside its original borders. The west has been cool and aloof in treating this tumour until this gruesome Paris attack two weekends ago. And if care is not taken, I foresee a 3rd world war….which to me should not be surprising. Have a nice day.




I appreciate your insightful analysis on the Nigerian Army winning the fight against Boko Haram. In corollary with the above, Where do we go from here? Are you hoping in the nearest future on implementation strategies in operation in Nigeria? Thanks once again