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#BBOG lashes out at Nigerian government over ‘coldness’ to Chibok girls’ rescue

The Bring Back Our Girls group (#BBOG) believes federal government’s enthusiasm for the rescue of the Chibok girls left in the custody of the terror sect, Boko Haram, is on the wane.

The group claims the government is even trying to shut it up, and gets irritated at the mention of the girls’ abduction, these days.

Spokesperson for #BBOG Aisha Yesufu said in a statement at the weekend ahead of the third anniversary of the abduction of the over 250 students of the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, that government must wake up to its constitutional duty of getting the remaining girls back home.

She said, “Today is Day 1089 since schoolgirls of Government Secondary School, Chibok were abducted in their school by terrorists; 57 escaped, 24 returned, 195 of them remain missing. “It is Day 674 of their captivity under President Muhammadu Buhari’s watch. It is Day 1074 of our movement’s daily advocacy demanding that the Federal Government discharges its constitutional duty and rescue the abducted girls from terrorist captivity.

“In another seven days it will be three years since the tragic events of that night. Tragically, 195 of our young women whose only sin was their quest for knowledge are left by their government to remain in terrorist enclave.

“We are utterly disappointed at the Government of Nigeria’s abysmal handling of this historical tragedy and are at a loss at the obvious emotional disconnect and insincerity that have defined the actions and words of the President and his government on this matter. None of the commitments made by the government concerning the rescue of our Chibok Girls has been followed through.”

It said it will hold the government “accountable as we remain undeterred in our demand.” And asked, “What reason can the Federal Government have for never providing progress reports on the status of its rescue operation for our girls? Except for cursory remarks made by the Minister of Information in January.”

Source:Nigeria News Today. Your online Nigerian Newspaper

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