Author name: Don Okereke

Don Okereke is a Security Analyst/Consultant, Writer, Public Speaker and Change agent with 20 years combined Military and Private Security, entrepreneurial experience/skills distilled from Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Don loves entrepreneurship; he is the Founder/CEO of Forenovate Technologies Limited (RC 755695) and Holistic Security Background Checks Limited, an emerging offshoot of the former. Inter-alia, Don completed postgraduate modules in Forensic Engineering & Science from Cranfield University (Defense Academy), Shrivenham, United Kingdom, a first degree in Industrial Chemistry, a Professional Certificate/training in Communication and Conflict Management from the United Kingdom National Open College Network, a Certificate in Security Practice & Safety Management and a Certificate of Accomplishment in Terrorism & Counter-terrorism: Comparing Theory & Practice from Leiden University (MOOC), Netherlands. His interest and expertise span Background Checks/Screening, Threat/Risk Assessment and Management, Due Diligence/Private Investigation, Security/Safety/Cultural Awareness Training, Geopolitical Risk and Travel Advisory, Security Loss/Fraud Prevention, Executive/Asset Protection, Research and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Information Retrieval, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Advocacy and Public Speaking, amongst others. His knack and passion for harvesting information from formal and informal sources, writing, creating security awareness galvanized him into blogging. His articles are published on major Nigerian newspapers such The Guardian, The Nation, NewsWatch, Tell Magazine and various reputable local and international platforms. Don has featured on conferences/seminars as a Guest Speaker and he is routinely consulted by foreign, local, print/electronic organizations such as the BBC Focus on Africa Programme, French AFP, Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State Television, NTA, and Television Continental amongst others, for his expert opinion on issues impinging national, personal security and geopolitics. As a change agent passionate to add value and to render altruistic service to humanity, Don champions a countering violent extremism and security awareness advocacy/Cause - Nigerians Unite Against Insecurity and Terrorism’’. Contact Details: Blog: Email: donokereke at yahoo dot com Twitter: @DonOkereke Skype: donokereke

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