CNBC Africa Interview on Niger Delta Militants Refusal to Negotiate

  • NDA says they are fighting on behalf of the ND people and have initiated what they call “Operation Red Economy” which aims to bring oil production in Nigeria down to zero.
  • Everyone agrees that the Nigerian government must use a two pronged approach in handling this issue. They must develop the region, but they also have to neutralize those individuals who insist on causing chaos and making the place ungovernable for their own selfish interests.
  • In order to show how serious the administration is about bringing genuine development to the area, they’ve said militants, lets agree on a peaceful resolution because we do acknowledge that more needs to be done for the socio-economic welfare of the ND.
  • NDA’s rejection of the governments offer of peace may be indicative of a people who are just over the empty promises or indicative of a people who are doing this for their own selfish reasons.
  • The govt is going to do all that it can, to bring about amicable peace, but if NDA insists on vandalizing critical oil infrastructure which affects the Nigerian state economy, the FG will have no other choice but to resume military action in the region.

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