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In recent months Ghana has been faced with increased insecurity challenges coupled with potential terrorist threats, although the overall risk level of the country remains medium which is quite fair, the continuous deterioration of the country’s security situation coupled with the prevalence of terrorist activities and pirates in neighboring countries and along the Gulf of Guinea respectively may nudge this current risk level a bit higher.

                                                       Figure 1: Fixthecountry campaign

Generated statistics indicate a total of 24 major armed robbery incidents have been recorded between April and June 2021, and 12 out of these incidents were transit robberies. Maritime attacks along the Tema ports and potential terrorist threats have also raised major alerts in the Greater Accra, Upper East and Northern regions respectively. It should be noted that Greater Accra, Ashanti and the Eastern region have been highlighted as the hotspot for criminal activities while Northern and Upper-East regions have been faced with external threats such as Burkina Faso based armed groups/ bandits. Due to the above matrix alongside other threatening security issues agitations have spiked significantly across the country.

Consequently, on 4 June 2021, an online campaign tagged #FixTheCountry came into the spotlight. Asides from the mass insecurity which was the major trigger, leadership inadequacies, police brutality and corruption are amongst the major complaints being propagated by the masses. The campaign gained popularity nationwide, however, security forces stood in the way of a nationwide protest that was slated for 9 May 2021. Matters escalated into judicial proceedings during which various clashes between the campaign supporters and security forces were noted, while Ghanaians in Diaspora carried out a protest on 14 June 2021, in Valencia (Spain), storming the streets to protest the injustice and human rights suppressions in Ghana. Conclusively, after several court hearings and appeals, the high court’s injunction that prevented the protest from manifesting was lifted.

However, matters aggravated in the last week of June 2021 owing to the death of an active supporter of the movement at Ejura in the Ashanti region. The occurrence spiked riots and clashes in the town, after which new movements and hashtags such as #WeGoDemonstrate and a demonstration dubbed March for Justice were carried out in the capital city of Accra on 6 July 2021. In all, the #FixTheCountry movement is an outcry for an end to insecurity in the country, good governance, accountability from the incumbent government, amongst other challenges. As of present, a nationwide protest has been fixed for 4 August 2021 and extreme uncertainties lie ahead for the nation.

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