The rebels in Guinea on Monday announced that a government of national unity would be created in the country.

Coup leader, Mamady Doumbouya, said that the new government would be created following consultations and to lead the transition period, according to Kalenews.

The rebels said ministers were not allowed to leave the country, adding that curfew in mining areas had been lifted, the Guinee7 online news agency reported on Monday.

They also urged high-ranking officials to hand their vehicles and travel documents over to secretariats of agencies they worked for.

“All your travel documents and company vehicles must be handed over to the secretariats of your former departments. A global consultation will be opened to describe the main lines of the transition. Then, a government of national unity will be set up to lead the transition,” he said.

Doumbouya, who led a group of military that ousted President Alpha Conde on Sunday, promised no “witch hunt.”