How #COVID19 Pandemic Affected Businesses And Industries In Kano

The Coronavirus crisis has affected most businesses and industries in Kano State, the centre of commerce now has become a centre of survival of the fittest for both businessmen and their customers. A survey taken by HumAngle in Kano state has found that businesses and industries have suffered neglect by the Kano state government, in …

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The Coronavirus crisis has affected most businesses and industries in Kano State, the centre of commerce now has become a centre of survival of the fittest for both businessmen and their customers.

A survey taken by HumAngle in Kano state has found that businesses and industries have suffered neglect by the Kano state government, in an interview with some businessmen and industrialists in some markets in Kano municipal, they shared their experiences on how the Coronavirus pandemic crisis took a toll on their respective businesses.

Abdullahi Lawan Mai Goro, Chairman Mai Goro Textile Nigeria Investment, Kwari Market noted on how the Covid-19 crisis affected his businesses, “The novel Coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy of Kano state and the world entirely, currently, due to the Covid-19 Kano state economy has lost business visitors most especially our customers from China.

COVID-19 pandemic has run our business into debt, most of our customers cannot pay us our debt and most businesses are falling. Currently, there are no customers patronizing our businesses, unlike before the Coronavirus pandemic around 7:am market is full of activities. But now gradually market activities are reinstating”.

Ahmad Abdullahi Ibrahim a businessman at Kofar Wamba Market selling plastics said there is no more flow of business in Kano state again because customer’s patronage is very low.

The most worrisome part of it is the lack of interstate customer’s business visitation which is part of our means of getting profits, at this Kofar Wambai Market most marketers are no longer operating due to lack of capitals because some marketers are operating on loan business”.

Alhaji Sa’idu Dattijo Adhama, Founder and Chairman, Adhama Textile Nigerian Limited, Kano disclosed that Businesses failure has been deteriorating in Kano state since, before the Coronavirus crisis, one of the major problems is that most people do not understand the scope of businesses that why industries are facing a crisis.

I was one of the revivers of Abubakar Rimi Market known as Sabon Gari Market in Kano after the ethics and religious crisis in Kano state which has downgraded the economy of the market, and also affected revenue generation of Kano state, which also affected patronage of customers from a million to 250 thousand customers daily visited the market for daily business activities from 6:am to 7:pm.”

“However before my tenure ended as the Chairman of Abubakar Rimi Market, I tried my best to revive the economic status of the market. Which has revived patronage of customers?

Closure of markets during the Coronavirus pandemics has caused disasters to businessmen and we the industrialists.

My industry (Adhama Textile Nigerian Limited) has over 100 labourers, but due to the Coronavirus pandemics, we reduced the level of production because the government only offers us the privilege of working with just 15 labourers daily which is very low compared to the large production expected daily.

“The novel Coronavirus has taught us a lesson, realizing that the Kano state government has no concern to the development of businesses and industries in Kano because the government does not patronize our productions and the electricity provision is very poor.

We are pleading to the government to exercise a proper business policy in Kano, because over 21 years we have been agitating for the implementation of business economy policy and regulations in Kano state. Adhama added

Mr Chinedu Afunanya, a petty businessman at Sabon Gari Market, Kano said Covid-19 has affected many businesses in Kano state.

“Before the outbreak of Coronavirus business activities were moving fine, but now as market activities are gradually coming back still markets are not at normal state, because now we found it hard to find customers which have affected our daily feeding as well. We all pray that things will be reinstated to normal position”.

Ruth Ejwueye also from Sabon Gari Market lamented that “Coronavirus has affected my business badly, because there is low turnout of customer’s patronage, due to there is no money from the customers to purchase from us.

Like now even transportation is one of the major problems that is affecting our interstate products convey, for instance, I cannot buy goods from Lagos state again due to the spike in transportation because even if I purchase it customers won’t buy due to the high cost, there are no more profits in businesses.”

Yahya Garba Shawai, a businessman from Kwari Market lamented on how the Covid-19 affected businesses in Kano.

“The Coronavirus crisis has made us spend most of our invested business capitals, the Covid-19 crisis has affected both small businesses and industries in Kano state because most of us doing petty business have no much capital in our business.

Even in the industries that sometimes we collect goods on loan has now inflated, which is very difficult for us to return the actual capital”.

The Chairman Sabon Gari Market Elders Committee, Alhaji Ibrahim Danyaro said the most affected businessmen by the Coronavirus and lockdown are those running small businesses. Those operating small scale Businesses are the most affected, only God knows how they are running their day to day lives.

“Many of them are indebted and they could not be able to repay back the debt. On patronage in the market, the norm is that there is a reduction in patronage after the lockdown”.

“Most companies have also increased prices and the price of commodities has skyrocketed especially rice”.

Danyaro said rice is now more expensive in the hands of Farmers because the government did not do what is expected.

He said all categories of businessmen in Kano have suffered including the Aviation sector and the Ports Authority.

Meanwhile, Dr Abdurrazaq Ibrahim, an economist and a lecturer with Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano, exposit on how government can help in reviving businesses and the economy, he said “Nigeria was in recession in the second quarter of the year before the Coronavirus pandemic, reopening of businesses now is one of the ways the government can revive the economy, but the challenges most traders and small scale businessmen lack is capital to start up their businesses again.

Ibrahim also said devaluing of naira is one of the processes by which government can revive the business economy before the end of the second quarter of this year, but most goods will face inflation which is also a challenge to the market itself because the government has paid more than 90% of its own earning on desk services.


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