Impacts of Geopolitical Instability on Guinea-Bissau’s Security and Political Stance

Amidst political tension and challenges in the neighbouring country Guinea-Conakry following the recent military junta, the political atmosphere of Guinea-Bissau is also extremely tense. The manifestation of this was confirmed after all Military parastatals in Guinea-Bissau were placed on temporary indefinite prevention; that is, temporary lockdown on 13 September 2021, owing to the fears of the repetition of similar events.

Aside from the impacts on the security stance, analytical reports indicate the recent military coup noted in Guinea-Conakry points to the rise in political instability in West Africa thereby posing a threat to regional economic integration.

As one of the few Lusophone countries in Africa, Guinea-Bissau is considered a level 3 country that is; with an overall medium risk assessment as criminality is on the low side while non-violent crime and civil unrest are quite prevalent. However, in recent times the country has been beset by chronic political agitations and repression which have impeded development and affected the economic stability of the nation.

Since the commencement of the year 2021, numerous agitations have manifested in various forms across the public sector, educational sector, health sector, and transport sector. And presently, highly disruptive strikes are ongoing in the health, educational and public sectors.

Two of such consequential disruptions include the paralysis of the entire national health system across Guinean territory, and the 9-month long strike in the public service that is being spearheaded by the National Workers’ Union of Guinea-Bissau (UNTG).

In the wake of heightened tension in the political scene and endless agitations in the aforementioned sectors, strikes, protests and other civil unrest manifestations will likely remain constant tools in the fight against political repression in the country.

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