Bulwark intelligence solutions deliver comprehensive intelligence on security matters ranging from country risk assessments, terrorism, threat analysis, social network analysis, insurgency overview, and risk assessments. Bulwark provides a complete view on current and developing security threats, capabilities, operations, trends, tactics and procedures, giving decision-makers the insight needed to counter security threats affecting their environment.

Terrorism and Insurgency- Bulwark provides detailed insight and analysis on local and global terrorism and insurgency.

Military and Security Assessments- Bulwark delivers up to date analysis on both local and international trends in political, security and military affairs.

Country Risk Assessments- Bulwark conducts thorough assessments on areas of interests, analyzing political, social, defense and foreign affairs situations.


Bulwark provides expert insight and open-source intelligence analysis on the global maritime environment. Monitoring the world’s oceans is vital in maintaining control of national maritime boundaries and countering threats posed by pirates and militants. Bulwark can provide information that will enable defense and security organizations detect, deter and defeat potential maritime threats while maintaining tactical, operational and strategic advantage.


Bulwark conducts training and consulting on issues of local and international security, intelligence analysis, defense and homeland. We conduct security awareness training for various organizations ranging from defense to maritime industry.

Bulwark also offers consultation on security assessments, tools and devices, intelligence and counter-terrorism, by providing strategies and operational approaches to defense, security and intelligence.


At Bulwark, we believe that the right technology can enable security and threat analysts better assess situations while gathering information that can be deployed against terrorist organizations and other adaptive adversaries. Bulwark sources hardware security materials, software analysis tools, and maritime data services. We take the time to understand the problems of our customers and offer tools and products that generate operational solutions.