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Whistle-blowing ,The New Oil Well

Whistle blowing or in simple Nigerian language, “Amebo” used to be dangerous and demeaning.  You could lose your friends, people will find it hard to trust or confide in you or your nose might grow like Pinocchio. But the federal government is making Ameboism a very profitable business. Rat on a looter and get between…


Northern Nigeria, A Misunderstood Region

Northern Nigeria, the largest region in the country, is arguably the most misunderstood region in the country. In a country where there is mutual suspicion amongst regions, there have been a plethora of criticism and anger against the north, some deserved and others unnecessary, by its neighbours. An average southerner, no matter how educated, is…


She Must Not Die in Vain

The story of how a 42 year-old mother of seven, Mrs. Eunice Elisha and the wife of a Redeemed Pastor was gruesomely murdered in cold blood in the early hour of Saturday July 9 is a tale out of hell. According to her loved ones, she was murdered like a chicken. That this horrific scene…

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